Social Media

Love it or hate it, it's not going away

Social media has become one of if not the biggest and most important parts of any marketing strategy. Although the jury maybe out for many we can assure you social media is not going away and will continue to grow into one of the most integral marketing strategies within your business. Although it may seem daunting, let us quide you through the minefield of social media. We can provide a detailed marketing plan with various hashtags, relevant websites and a template to work from or if you’d like you can let us manage it for you, sit back and watch your followers grow with new customers being drawn to and interact with your business on a daily basis.

Build a Brand

Building a brand has become much easier with social media allowing you speak to your customers directly, interact with them and show them what your made of without physical interactions.

Create Unique Content

Content creation is very important in social media, showing the right content can improve your brand image and help boost interaction with customers. You may be saying but want content, let us help show you ropes on what to post and what customers want to see.

Cost Effective

Social media can be a lot cheaper than traditional advertising activities, the costs of maintaining your social presence are minimal and with paid advertising you can spend as much or as little as your budget allows.

Social Media Management

We understand that social media can be a very time consuming and daunting task to undertake, in order to really utilise the benefits of social media businesses have to put in copious amounts of time and effort into their content and interacting with customers. But really who has the time.

We are experts in building brands on social media, increasing your likes, followers and interaction with customers on social media without the need to spend money on advertisements or huge amounts of investment. That’s the beauty of social media, it puts you on a level playing field with your competitors all you have to do is be interesting and interact.

Social Media Campaigns

Are you launching a new product, looking to increase exposure or even just looking to increase your followers on social media? Running social media advertising campaigns are a very useful and cost effective way of marketing in the modern era. The targeted nature of these adverts puts you in front of the people most likely or actively looking to buy your product. The usage of social media has and will continue to increase over the next few years, the first thing most millennial’s do when they wake up is check social media so why not put your advert right in front of them,

We will provide you with a tailored plan for advertising on social media based on your customer base and their demographics, providing only the best content from snazzy banners, interesting images, engaging posts or even high quality videos to help promote your business.

H O W   C A N   W E   H E L P   Y O U ?

We're always looking to make partnerships with great companies. Whether you'd like to start a project, learn more about what we can do for you, or just talk life over a cup of coffee, we're happy to obilge.