Recent Projects

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Website Design, Brochure Design, Business Cards

Kierish Homes came to us a few months ago looking for a complete overhaul of there online marketing presence, throughout the following weeks we provided Kierish we a complete branding strategy tailored around the renaming of the company from Kierish Developments to Kierish Homes, delivery a swanky new website, brochure designs and business cards.


Website Design

Marie had only just started her business, working at the odd psychic fayre and doing readings for close family and friends. She wanted to expand and came to us to help her design her first website, after discussions with Marie we tailored the website around the company’s requirements paying special attention to portraying the right vibe and energy from the website with the result, both Marie and ourselves being very pleased with the website as a whole.

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We're always looking to make partnerships with great companies. Whether you'd like to start a project, learn more about what we can do for you, or just talk life over a cup of coffee, we're happy to obilge.